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As February Draws Near, Start Thinking About Your Outdoor Living Space

January is almost over; finally! Spring may still seem like a long way away, but February can be a critical month for your landscape, especially if you’re planning any major projects this year.  If you are going to make significant … Continue reading

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Taking Advantage of a Nice Day

Hard to believe it’s late January and that a few days ago we were up all night dealing with ice and snow.  We took advantage of the nearly 60 degree weather to get an early start on spring cleanup at … Continue reading

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Winter Renewal Pruning

Winter is the best time for renewal pruning of many trees and shrubs.  It’s easy to see which branches need to be removed and less stressful on a dormant plant than on one that is using a lot of energy. … Continue reading

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Lake Shore Maintenance at Washington Dulles International Airport

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Winter Work

People always ask me: “What do you do in the winter?” And the truth is that, in the absence of snow, sometimes it’s hard to put together a full day of winter work for a landscape crew, especially in early … Continue reading

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Could We Have Skipped Winter and Gone Right Into Spring?

Is it possible, to bypass winter and head straight into spring?  According to this Washington Post article, many plants and some animals in our area seem to think so. The article, published December 30 and written  by Juliet Eilperin and … Continue reading

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